'Supergirl': New "For Good" Clip Makes Superman Reference

The CW has released a new clip for 'For Good', the twelfth episode of Supergirl's third season.The [...]

The CW has released a new clip for "For Good", the twelfth episode of Supergirl's third season.

The clip shows how the DEO is trying to keep tabs on Samantha Arias/Reign (Odette Annable) and the other Worldkillers. That apparently involves tracking Kryptonian heat signatures, but according to Winn Schott (Jeremy Jordan), that only keeps tabs on Kara Danvers/Supergirl (Melissa Benoist), and her cousin, Clark Kent/Superman (Tyler Hoechlin).

Then, Mon-El (Chris Wood) comes in, explaining that the Worldkillers are something more than Kryptonian - they could be hybrids.

The Superman reference is sure to delight DC Comics fans, as the Man of Steel has been missing from Supergirl since the season two finale. It does set the ground work for Superman to return, something the Hoechlin has been optimistic about.

"Hoping, hoping, of course." Hoechlin explained in May of last year. "I have such a great time there, you know, if that opportunity comes up I would love to do so. And as far as exploring more, it's one of those things that I'd love to sit down, if that is a conversation that is had, that I would like to, you know, sit down with [the showrunners], and find again what we were excited to explore the first time around."

The comment about Reign and the other Worldkillers is also interesting, considering how things have unfolded thus far this season. In the comics, the Worldkillers definitely embody a sort of hybrid nature, appearing like humanoid versions of various animals. This then is tied to their origins, when it is revealed that Kara's father had a hand in their creation.

As we hinted earlier this year, there's a chance that Kara's mom Alura (Erica Durance) could have helped to create the Worldkillers, something that would shift both Kara and Reign's perspectives on the whole ordeal. After all, Samantha's first transition into becoming Reign was brought on by a grotesque nightmare version of Alura.

Could Alura have actually been behind the Worldkillers' creation? Fans will just have to wait and see.

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.