The Batman Batmobile Hot Wheels Car Revealed

The Batman merchandise continues to leak online, and this time we're getting a look at The Batman's Batmobile in Hot Wheels car form. It's not a monumental reveal by any means, but to be honest, this new muscle car version of the Batmobile looks pretty cool in toy car form. It's definitely the kind of car any kid would want to add to his or her Hot Wheels collection for a good drag race - which again, honestly, maybe the closest that a lot of kids of Hot Wheels demographic age get to the darker, more violent world of Matt Reeves The Batman.

In this new re-imagining of the Batman mythos, Robert Pattinson's Batman is still early on in his career (about two years active). This version of Bruce Wayne is very much a DIY Batman, not seemingly relying on tech expert Lucius Fox quite yet.

Matt Reeves and his prop team have definitely gone to meticulous lengths to create that kind of aesthetic in Pattinson's Batman costume, gadgets, and vehicle, while still keeping it looking worthy of a blockbuster movie. It's a definite tightrope balance to maintain - one that's arguably more challenging than the real-world technological and military innovations that Christopher Nolan pulled for his version of Batman in The Dark Knight Trilogy.

For more of the new Batmobile and costume, check out The Batman's recent promo art that featured the Batmobile all lit up with its monster engine, framed by Pattinson's Batman silhouette.

During DC Fandome, Matt Reeves talked about taking on the legacy of designing the Batmobile:

"One of the things you have to do is you have to design a bat suit, you have to design a Batmobile you have to have a Batcave... This Batcave, the Batmobile, and the bat suit, they took a long time, you know… I'd say we spent easily, a year to do the bat suit and then to get into the Batmobile and that of course, that part's a dream, I mean you know you start the idea of getting to do your own version of the Batmobile is like you just kind of like... That's the incredible candy, right?... when you get to dive into the idea of this car that again feels connected to this version of the character, a grounded version of the character, this is something that he built and to try and look at those kinds of rough seams and imagine how that works. It's a, it's been incredible sort of gift to be able to do that."

The Batman hits theaters on March 4, 2022.