'The Batman' Movie Rumored To Have Added Spectacle

We still don't know much about Matt Reeves The Batman, but a new report indicates that the latest draft of the script has increased the film's spectacle.

The mysterious film was the subject of a new report from Revenge of the Fans, who addressed the film's constantly moving release window. One of the reasons why is that DC and Warner Bros. are really looking to get this movie right, and aren't rushing Reeves through the process, including his work on the script.

Evidently, the first draft of the script lacked spectacle, as Reeves' Batman film is targeting a more detective thriller vibe than an outright action film. Because of that though perhaps the first draft was a little lacking in That department, something the second draft has corrected according to what they're hearing. As for how much action, it is being described to be between Se7en and The Dark Knight.

A more detective focused Batman hasn't really been seen in the movies thus far. Even Christian Bale's version, which was fleshed out more due to having three films to work with, couldn't be described as the world's greatest detective. Michael Keaton's was the most balanced Batman, and Ben Affleck's was the most realistic, but so far none of those interpretations really honed in on why Batman has that detective moniker.

It's actually something that Rocksteady's video game adaptations did really well, especially in Arkham Knight, so here's hoping that Reeves can also find a way to bring that sort of vibe to the films.


We don't really know much about the film other than these small details. Originally the film was set to feature Deathstroke (played by Joe Manganiello), but that was back when Affleck was also directing and they were using his script. Since then he stepped down for directing but stayed on board to star, and when Reeves was brought in he started over on the script, building it from scratch.

Since then it has been a lengthy process of learning details, and right now we aren't sure who the primary villain will be or even if Affleck will end up starring in the film as the Dark Knight. Reeves has said he is excited to work with Affleck on the project, but it comes down to who best fits the Batman that Reeves is creating for the film. We feel Affleck could deliver a fantastic performance as a more detective-focused Batman, but we'll just have to wait and see if it happens.