The Flash Recap With Spoilers: "The Good, The Bad and The Lucky"

Warning: This article contains major spoilers for The CW's The Flash Season 9 episode, "The Good, The Bad, and The Lucky." Read beyond this point at your own risk.

Becky Sharpe walks into Jitters and we get a voiceover about how lucky she is, with a little montage about how she falls in love, gets engaged and then her luck suddenly runs out and no matter what she does, bad things just start happening to her — including finding her boyfriend is in a coma and her being accused of the crime that she obviously didn't commit. She needs a lawyer.

In her office, Cecile is on the phone with Joe trying to coordinate living in two different cities and she promises she won't miss her train. Kramer gives her a call and asks her to meet with Becky. At STAR, Barry and Iris are heading to Coast City for a conference and they leave things in the hands of Team Flash. Allegra is having issues with her landlord and her hot water; Chester offers to come over and help. Mark wants to know when Khione is going to acknowledge her new powers and suggests that they use the time they have with Barry and Iris gone to try to find out what those powers are.

Kramer thinks Becky is innocent and someone is setting her up, so Cecile meets with her. Cecile agrees to take her case but wants to start on Monday. However, Kramer comes in. They found the weapon and it's Becky's broken heels. Things just got worse for her.

Cecile, Allegra, and Becky go to her appointment to investigate. They're trying to see if they can find something the police missed. Allegra uses her powers and finds a poker chip and a retainer. The poker chip apparently belongs to her future brother-in-law, Tony. When Tony sees the poker chip, Tony gets super nervous and claims that Dom had a gambling problem and was in a lot of debt. He gives them a lead on where the chip came from. However, while they are investigating, some goons come to kidnap Becky. Cecile's powers are largely useless in the situation. Becky ends up helping to save herself by creating a distraction that lets Allegra blast them. Becky has no idea who the bad guys are.

At STAR, Chester and Mark start testing Khione for meta powers. Something about Khione's kiss fixed Mark, who otherwise should not have survived his injuries though Khione doesn't think she has any powers. They try testing her for cryogenic powers, but nothing happens. Mark is really upset about it.

Cecile ends up missing her train out of town and gets upset about it. Becky overhears, gets upset, and decides that all the bad luck is just her getting what she deserves. She walks away but is kidnapped by the bad guys. Both Allegra and Cecile's attempts to stop them fail spectacularly. Chester gets involved and there's no trace of Becky. Cecile's powers still aren't working right.  Chester takes the device the bad guys used back to STAR.

Mark and Khione talk, and he is still convinced that Khione has some sort of frost power. She tries to tell him that Frost lives inside of him but as she does, it starts to snow inside.

Cecile and Allegra talk. Cecile has been sleeping in her office. Going home every weekend isn't enough for Cecile, but Allegra gives her a pep talk. Chester also finds something with that weird device, and it turns out it has something that essentially reverses powers with dark matter. They figure out that Becky's engagement ring is actually one of the dark matter crystals that is causing Becky's bad luck. As it turns out, Tony is the one who is in debt, so he plans to use Becky to get rich. He has her being forced to deal blackjack, her bad luck making him a winner.

Tony admits to Becky that he hurt Dom when Dom tried to stop. him from using Becky. Allegra and Cecile go into the casino night, but they are pegged almost immediately. Chester turns off the power they spring into action.  Cecile uses her telekinesis to take Becky's ring and her luck returns. Tony is taken out and the day is saved.

Talking to Chester and Allegra later, Cecile admits her powers were off because she was just not herself because of family stuff and once she handled it, she's back to normal. Everything's back to normal for Becky, too. Cecile also asks Allegra to move in and be her roommate. One week later, Mark seems to be handling things much better and the team has set up a baby shower for Barry and Iris. Later, back at STAR, Chester has analysis about the snowstorm in STAR. Khione is not a meta but more than that, she's missing 55 of 56 biometric signatures. She's not a human being or a meta.

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