The Suicide Squad Trailer Reveals First Look At Starro

The Suicide Squad trailer is now out, and director James Gunn didn't hold back with the crazy [...]

The Suicide Squad trailer is now out, and director James Gunn didn't hold back with the crazy characters he's pulling from the DC Comics universe. Aside from the crazy lineup of the new Task Force X, the trailer for The Suicide Squad reveals that James Gunn is going for an even crazier villain than we got in the original film: Starro! The DC evil alien is only teased in The Suicide Squad trailer, but a background shot of the government types monitoring the situation gives us our best look at Starro yet! Check that image out below!

The Suicide Squad Trailer Starro First Look
(Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures)

In DC Comics lore, Starro (or "Starro the Conqueror") is an alien lifeform that looks like a giant starfish with a cycloptic eye. The big Starro is actually an amalgamation of many smaller Starro "spores," which are sent out to like parasites to attach themselves to unwilling hosts and take control of their brains. In that sense, Starro can conquer entire planets by turning the populace into its slaves. In addition, Starro and its parasites have powers like energy absorption/projection, flight, and regeneration. The big Starro also has significant psychic abilities and is able to potentially influence entire planets both directly and subconsciously. DC Comics eventually introduced a humanoid version of the alien, as well.

How James Gunn plans to use Starro is really anyone's guess. It's a bold move if we're being honest: Starro is obviously much more in the kitschy vein that James Gunn is going for in The Suicide Squad; at the same time, the villain's fantastical "comic book-y" nature, and ability to turn people into mindless minions, are very much in line with what we saw in David Ayer's Suicide Squad movie.

The caveat of course is that this is James Gunn. He can (and very likely will) turn the serious tone of Suicide Squad's bumbled storyline with Enchantress on its head, for something far more tongue-in-cheek with Starro. As we've seen with Zack Snyder's Justice League, the choice in director (and studios execs) can make all the difference in the world when trying to re-visit the same basic story framework. This could truly prove to be a better version of the Suicide Squad movie we already got.

On the other end of that spectrum: Starro is also a creature that could potentially open a bigger door to the cosmic side of the DC Films Universe - and for some DC fans, the potential of The Suicide Squad ending with the debut of "Jarro" a regrown version of Starro that becomes Batman's surrogate son (it's comics, don't ask...).

Watch The Suicide Squad Trailer HERE.