Original Titans Season 1 Finale Plans Reportedly Revealed

Titans’ second season is streaking toward a conclusion on DC Universe and many fans are pumped for that upcoming finale. However, some new details have come to light through Geeks Worldwide that show what could have happened during last season’s finale. There was a lot of discussion online at the start of Season 2 that this premiere felt like the rightful finale to the first batch of episodes. In part, those people were not far off-base. The creators originally planned for a 13th episode of Season 1 but scrapped it when they decided to weave some elements from that last episode into the next season. That fabled last episode was supposed to be titled Raven and got a lot of its content moved around. For starters, the Doom Patrol from the DC Universe show, not the ones that appeared early in the first season, we're supposed to be present for the big fight against Trigon. Another major shocker from the scrapped finale was a Nightwing appearance. The hero was supposed to do some scrapping in the suit, in the same style of Batman’s appearance in the introductory season.

Poor Raven’s role was supposed to be reduced from what viewers saw to close out Season 1. One thing that got cut was she traveled to Azarath to complete the requisite 300 days of training. In order to subdue the villain, she absorbs her father into her soul-self in a move ripped straight from the comics. Some costume differences were also on-tap as Donna wore her classic red suit and Kory finally got her own costume. The writers also wanted to introduce Cyborg but they hadn’t casted an actor for the role yet. So, a lot of changes were made in the making of that finale.

When questioned about the change in episode count, showrunner Greg Walker told TV Line that it was an internal decision.

“A version of that, yes. We’re cannibalizing some of the stuff from Episode 12 [for the premiere],” Walker began. “We thought it was such a good cliffhanger at the end of 11, and we wanted to go for an even bigger, better Season 2 opener. We had a big idea, and our friends at DC bought it.”


That moment when Dick’s eyes went dark near the finale also came up in the conversation and the choice to stop it right there.

Yeah. It’s really fun to be able to you know where we’re going to go with it,” he continued. “We’re going to also use [the Season 2 premiere] to launch a new villain, and because Trigon’s role in canon is so huge, we felt like we really needed to give him a really big episode, the kind you can launch a season with.”