'Titans' Star Anna Diop Confirms That Starfire Will Get Her Classic DC Comics Costume

Starfire will eventually get a comics-accurate version of her costume on Titans, according to [...]

Starfire will eventually get a comics-accurate version of her costume on Titans, according to series star Anna Diop.

During an appearance on the red carpet of last night's Titans premiere, we asked Diop whether she might get a more comics-accurate look than what has been revealed so far -- and she quickly jumped to "yes."

"As soon as I put it on, everyone was flipping out," Diop told ComicBook.com. "It's awesome because it's something that so many people have seen for so long and it means so much to people and this is the first time we're bringing it to life, but you know — our story takes its time. It takes its time, it's an origin story, so it takes its time in the characters coming to this place where you see them and the way that everyone's always known. I hope that the audience can be patient with us and have fun with us. It's a ride, and it's a fun one."

The "street-clothes" look of Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy has been a bone of contention with some fans since the first behind-the-scenes photos of the group started to leak online, and in order to protect spoilers, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. TV declined to elaborate on

Titans is the first "R-rated" mainstream superhero series, bringing a group of popular characters from animated series to live action for the first time. Series producer Geoff Johns spoke about the decision to add cussing and broken bones to the mature take on the Teen Titans, while taking the opportunity to make the show more serialized.

"It was an opportunity do less of a conventional procedural show and more of a 12-hour movie," Johns said. "We could focus in more on character and push the envelope, in terms of content."

Titans is set to be the first live-action TV series on the DC Universe streaming service, launching about a month after the service went live. The series will launch on Netflix outside of the US.

DC Universe is only available to domestic users, so Titans will stream on Netflix in international markets, giving everyone a chance to see the new series. Titans will be the second DC series from WBTV to get international distribution from Netflix, following Black Lightning.

Titans will be the first original series to launch on the upcoming DC UNIVERSE, the first-of-its-kind digital subscription service that gives fans access to exclusive content and experiences not available anywhere else.

Titans stars Brenton Thwaites (Dick Grayson/Robin), Teagan Croft (Raven), Anna Diop (Starfire/Koriand'r), Lindsey Gort (Amy Rohrbach), Minka Kelly (Dawn Granger/Dove), Ryan Potter (Beast Boy), Alan Ritchson (Hank Hall/Hawk), April Bowlby (Elasti-Girl), Jake Michaels (Cliff Steele), Seamus Dever, Bruno Bichir, and Dwain Murphy (Negative Man).

Following the panel this weekend, the first episode of Titans will premiere on DC Universe on October 12. Rather than releasing the entire season at once, like the Marvel shows on Netflix, DC Universe will unveil a new episode of Titans each week.