Watch 'Justice League' Movie Trinity Featurette

Justice League will be here before you know it, so there isn't a better time to learn just why the DC trinity of Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman is so important.

Luckily DC is on the same page, so they've released a new "Trinity" featurette, explaining how the three heroes compliment and challenge each other, and how that will be worked into the upcoming Justice League. In the cinematic universe, Batman and Superman didn't get off to the best start, which is why Wonder Woman is so critically important to making this team work.

"She has this thing inside of her that just pushes her and makes her want to do good, and to be proactive, and want to help, and want to do better. Fighting would be her last option," Gadot said. As fans witnessed in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, that stands in contradiction to Batman's methods, who favors a more aggressive approach. It contradicts Superman as well, who is like Diana in many ways, though he tends to get distracted by how the world views him.

Writer Paul Dini is quite familiar with this dynamic and knows Wonder Woman is the key to making both heroes shine brightest.

"She works on them to bring out their better natures," Dini said. "She works with Superman to kind of ground him and takes him down a notch from his starry-eyed idealism because she's been around for a long time. She really knows the history of the world and how people can behave."

This couldn't be truer of the cinematic universe Superman, whose arc has focused mightily on how the world perceives him and his place in it. Wonder Woman is able to bring that into correct perspective, and he'll need that when he returns.

Batman necessitates a different approach, but the good news is Wonder Woman is more than equipped for the journey.

"Batman, she continuously brings a little bit more of him into the light to try and break him out of his own shell to be more of a team player and to also discover elements of humanity that he has willfully discarded," Dini said.


You can view the new featurette in the video above.

Justice League lands in theaters on November 17th.

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