Watchmen: "A God Walks Into Abar" in New Preview

Watchmen has exceeded fans' expectations quite a lot thus far in its run, but the latest episode completely upended the series' status quo. With just two episodes left until the story (seemingly) comes to an end, fans will be pretty eager to see where the story goes next -- and we just got our latest epic look. On Sunday, HBO released a preview for "A God Walks Into Abar", the penultimate episode of the show's season.

The episode will surely follow the fallout from this week's plot twist, which is that Doctor Manhattan has secretly been hiding as an existing character on the series. There's also the battle between the Tulsa Police and the Seventh Kavalry, which has been taken into a dark direction after this week's Doctor Manhattan reveal.

"I can't tease anything," Jessica Camacho, who plays Pirate Jenny on the series, recently told "They kept me in the dark and they did it on purpose. They want everyone on this ride as it happens, you know what I mean? They are the creators of the show. They've gone to great lengths to make sure that no part of the story or where it's going kind of sneaks out. They want everyone to kind of go on this ride together."

"We're just scratching the surface of what the Watchmen is," Camacho continued. "Just scratching the surface. I really can't say more than that, because how do you simplify something that's so meaningful and dope and deep? We just have to kind of keep diving in. I hope everyone just enjoys the dive, the deep dive you're taking into the world."

And of course, we still have the enigma of Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias' (Jeremy Irons) storyline to deal with, which has only gotten more and more bizarre with each episode.


"Well, of course, I was never aware of the massive fan base for Watchmen," Irons shared in a recent interview with Collider. "I was delighted with how much fun we had making it. Big television shows can be a bit grim sometimes, but we have fantastic producers and directors, and Damon, himself, is a lot of fun. I’m always surprised when I get to the end of a job and think, “Well, that was a load of fun.” We enjoyed each other and we were very well supported by HBO, which was nice because it’s not a cheap show. It was a very pleasant experience, and I’m now, like you, enjoying watching the outcome. There were great areas of the story that I was not involved in, so it’s a lot of fun to watch. It’s not only fun to watch, and with great performances, but it stirs up a lot in you. There are a lot of questions which are addressed. They’re not necessarily answered yet, but they’re addressed. What more can one hope for, from a bit of entertainment?"

Watchmen airs Sundays at 9/8c on HBO. "A God Walks Into Abar" will air on December 8th.