Wonder Woman 1984: Gal Gadot Recalls Iconic Armor and Core Values

Wonder Woman 1984 continued the cinematic Diana Prince origin story an emotional and unexpected [...]

Wonder Woman 1984 continued the cinematic Diana Prince origin story an emotional and unexpected fashion when it released in theaters and HBO Max late in 2020. Now, the latest DC Comics standalone super hero film is available for digital downloads while also getting ready to hit shelves on blu-ray and 4K which is prompting a look back at the film which gave Gal Gadot the ability to flex some more of her character's powers but also her values. The film put Diana in a difficult place, facing the choice between spending time with the love of her life or doing what is best for the world at her own expense, and it gave her a brand new golden super suit to do just that.

"The first time I got into the room with Lindy [Hemming] and she showed me the sketches for the costume, I was so excited," Gadot told ComicBook.com of wearing the comic-inspired Golden Armor in Wonder Woman 1984. On the set of the film, comic panels and illustrations plastered the walls in Hemming's costume workshop. "I couldn't believe I'm the luckiest woman on Earth that I'm gonna wear this swag," Gadot recalls. "Who else has the opportunities to wear these extravagant costumes? At the same time, I can't tell you that it was the most comfortable costume I've had! It took us many hours of fittings in order to get it to where it looks beautiful but can still be practical. It's great. I'm super happy with the Golden Armor."

While the Golden Armor was, of course, worn for the first big screen showdown between Wonder Woman and her iconic DC Comics villain Cheetah, there were other battles Diana had to face in 1984. The return of Chris Pine as Steve Trevor brought back all of the emotions fans felt when they watched the character sacrifice himself at the end of 2017's Wonder Woman and amplified those feels.

(Photo: Warner Bros.)

"Chris was one of the reasons why the movie was so successful. We shared such a great chemistry and working together is delightful," Gadot says. "The fact that Patty and Geoff and Dave figured out a way to bring Steve back into the story but didn't just bring Chris back into the movie to bring Chris back into the movie, we brought him back because he had a very, very big meaning. His character, I don't want to give any spoilers away, but his character had a very big impact on Diana's journey in this movie."

Ultimately, as will be seen by those watching Wonder Woman 1984 when they grab a blu-ray or 4K edition of the movie, Diana's super hero story and the love fans have for this important character comes down to her values. "Her core values are love, and compassion and hope and peace and I think that this is something all of us are inspired to feel and to have in our own lives," Gadot says. "She's everyone's super hero. It's universal. Everyone can relate to that. I guess she's the type of super hero who her biggest tool, her biggest weapon, is her heart."

Wonder Woman 1984 is available for digital downloads now and releases on 4K, blu-ray, and DVD on March 30.