SPOILER Makes Her DC Rebirth Debut in 'Wonder Woman' #38

The newest issue of Wonder Woman gave fans quite a lot to take in -- including the DC Rebirth [...]

The newest issue of Wonder Woman gave fans quite a lot to take in -- including the DC Rebirth twist on a pretty major villain.

Spoilers ahead for Wonder Woman #38, on sale now.

The issue follows Vanessa Kapatelis, a young girl whose legs are seriously injured in a fight between Wonder Woman and Major Disaster. Once the battle is over, Diana follows Vanessa to the hospital, periodically visiting her throughout her recovery process.

The two end up bonding quite a bit, with Vanessa teaching Diana how to play Dungeons & Dragons (something that should definitely carry over into future Wonder Woman appearances), and Diana inspiring Vanessa to take up drawing again. While in recovery, Vanessa begins drawing herself as a hero named Silver Swan, with a name and costume inspired by her days as a ballerina.

Thanks to a series of experimental nanites, Vanessa begins to learn how to walk again, but is sad that Diana hasn't been around to visit her in a while. Then, another piece of trauma hits Vanessa, as her mother is killed in a freak car accident.

After months of being alone, Vanessa sees another family being saved by Wonder Woman on TV. Vanessa grows angry about this, breaking into the home of the family and killing them. Wonder Woman then finds Vanessa, who is wearing a twisted version of her Silver Swan costume.

For those who are familiar with Silver Swan, this Rebirth reinvention of the character is probably a little unexpected. Vanessa is actually the third character to hold the mantle, and debuted in Wonder Woman Vol. 2 #3. Vanessa is the daughter of Wonder Woman ally Juila Kapatelis, who grows jealous of Wonder Woman as she gets older.

Ultimately, that jealousy is exploited by Doctor Psycho, and through brainwashing and a series of cybernetic implants, Vanessa is transformed into the Silver Swan. Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl end up defeating her, until Silver Swan is taken under the wing of Veronica Cale. Veronica sends Silver Swan to attack the Themyscira House, but Diana defeats her and helps remove her cybernetic implants.

Rebirth's twist on the character of Silver Swan certainly takes things into a different direction, while still playing on Vanessa's jealousy (albeit, in completely different context) towards Wonder Woman. Fans will get to see what happens next, and what Vanessa's ultimate DC Rebirth endgame could be, when Wonder Woman #39 debuts in two weeks.