Did Wonder Woman Just Slaughter SPOILER?

The Princess of Themyscira is headed into a bold new territory in the pages of DC Comics, with a new creative team coming on Wonder Woman late last month. The team of writer Mariko Tamaki and artist Mikel Janin already had a stellar debut, but it looks like things were taken into a whole new territory in their second Wonder Woman issue. As Diana Prince continued to come to terms with her new status quo - and faced off against a familiar foe - things took a shocking - and deadly - turn. Spoilers for Wonder Woman #760 below! Only look if you want to know!

The issue opened on last issue's cliffhanger, with Diana coming face-to-face with Maxwell Lord at Stryker's Island. After immediately suspecting Lord of something malicious, Diana found her way to Etta Candy, who filled her in on the seemingly-unconnected hallucinations scattered across the country. Diana then returned home and had dinner with her neighbor Emma, and turned in for bed. She then was thrown into a series of different scenarios as Wonder. Woman -- trying to save a wrecking ball from killing innocent people, and then being attacked by a robot in her bed.

In the third scenario, Diana appeared to be attacked by a horde of parademons, which she proceeded to fight in close combat. The scene was crimson-hued and incredibly intense -- only for Diana to be snapped out of it by the sound of Etta's voice.

wonder woman 760 military 1
(Photo: DC Comics)
wonder woman 760 military 2
(Photo: DC Comics)

Once Diana came to, she realized that the beings she attacked weren't parademons at all -- but a group of soldiers.

wonder woman 760 military 3
(Photo: DC Comics)

The moment adds a pretty dark layer to Diana's new life, and definitely confirms that something - whether it be Maxwell Lord or something else - is having a dark control on her mental state. There's also the surface-level ramifications of Wonder Woman murdering a horde of seemingly-innocent soldiers, which will realistically cause a lot of problems.

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