'Wonder Woman' Is Insanely Close To Breaking One All-Time Superhero Box Office Record

Wonder Woman has been smashing records at the box office since its debut and as the film's theatrical run draws to a close, the Patty Jenkins-directed superhero movie is incredibly close to breaking one more box office record.

With $820.4 million in current box office receipts worldwide as of Wednesday, Forbes estimates that Wonder Woman should bring in another $200,000 domestically this weekend which would leave the movie just barely $1 million behind 2002's Spider-Man, the current record holder for highest grossing superhero origin movie with $821.7 million.

Even if Wonder Woman falls short of the top spot overall, the film has had an impressive run. The movie has already beaten Spider-Man's domestic superhero origin record and broke the record for the largest domestic opening for a female director as well as biggest opening for a female-led comic book film. And Wonder Woman isn't just performing well among superhero films. The movie comes in at #20 on the all-time list domestically.

And, as Forbes notes, there are still other opportunities for Wonder Woman to come back and beat out Spider-Man. With the film garnering serious Oscar buzz for both Best Picture and Best Director among other categories, there is always the possibility that Warner Bros. could decide to strategically re-release Wonder Woman around Christmas to keep the film on the Academy's mind.


Of course, more box office records aside, Wonder Woman's success has already given fans of the Amazon princess what they really want: Wonder Woman 2 is already in the works with Patty Jenkins once again at the helm.

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