Young Justice Finale Features Shocking Betrayal by SPOILER

The final three episodes of Young Justice: Outsiders have finally premiered on DC Universe, and while the heroes might have stopped the threat of the Anti-Life Equation for a short time, they have lost a lot in the process. And while the season ends with the Justice League in a good spot, there's also one major betrayal that will play a major role in Season 4.

Deathstroke's manipulations of Princess Tara come out in the final episode "Nevermore," but it's her brother Brion who ultimately turns away from the team in one of the most heartbreaking moments of the season.

Mirroring the beginning of the season, Brion and Tara Markov's uncle Baron Bedlam returns to seize control of the throne while King Gregor visits his siblings in the United States. The Light concocts a plan for Terra to kill Beast Boy during the mission, damaging the Outsiders' reputation and striking a major blow to the Team.

And while Brion debates whether or not he should kill Bedlam, Deathstroke prompts Terra to strike — until Artemis stops her and tells her that she knows she's been working for Slade Wilson and the Light this entire time. Batman discovered this during his secret mission earlier in the season, and Artemis decided to show kindness to Tara Markov and put the decision in her hands.

But Brion feels betrayed by his sister, and the anger infects his actions when he decides to kill his uncle. Because it happens on live television, the people of Markovia praising the young royal's actions — but the people of the world are frightened. Brion seizes the crown in this moment, betraying his brother King Gregor, and demands both Tara and Violet join him and support his claim to the throne.

Brion's sister and his girlfriend both turn away from him, and heroes like Superboy and Nightwing chastise his actions for doling out a death penalty. So he exiles them from his country, assumes leadership of Markovia as the new king, and even welcomes the unhinged Dr. Helga Jace back into his good graces.

We learn that these events are all partially influenced by the royal advisor Zviad Baazovi, who is known as the Bad Samaritan in the pages of DC Comics. This is a major reveal as Baazovi is a low-grade telepath who can manipulate emotions and reactions of those around him — and is conveniently the newest member of the Light.


Violet and Tara return with the heroes to become full-time members of the Team, while Brion takes the throne and appears to be miserable and alone. This will likely play into the events of Season 4 as the threat of Apokolips continues to impact the Justice League.

All episodes of Young Justice: Outsiders are now streaming on DC Universe.