Zack Snyder Confirms Batman & Superman DCEU Origin Timeline

Timelines are important in superhero stories, particularly when it comes to origins, and for fans [...]

Timelines are important in superhero stories, particularly when it comes to origins, and for fans of the DC Extended Universe figuring the heroic timelines for Superman and Batman has been an important puzzle. Now, director Zack Snyder has confirmed which timeline is right.

Twitter user Fiona, @fukujang0627, shared screenshots from her Vero account where the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director confirmed the age connection between Clark Kent/Superman (Henry Cavill) and Bruce Wayne/Batman (Ben Affleck). You can check it out below.

The screenshots reveal a post with the breakdowns of ages for the two heroes over Man of Steel and Batman v Superman. In the breakdown, Clark saves the school bus when he was thirteen years old, then reveals his age to be 33 during the interrogation scene in Batman v Superman. There is an 18-month gap between the events of Man of Steel and Batman v Superman and Bruce says that he has been fighting crime in Gotham for 20 years at that point and with Bruce being 44 years old during that film, this confirms a roughly 11-year age gap between the heroes. If Bruce has been operating as Batman for 20 years, that would mean that Bruce Wayne became Batman when Clark Kent was 14-year-old -- Gotham got their Dark Knight the year after young Clark Kent used his powers to save the school bus.

Other fans commented on the Vero thread confirming that the math adds up for them, with one fan even noting that their math also found that Bruce's parents were murdered one year after Clark first came to Earth, but other fans weren't the only people who chimed in. Snyder himself commented on the post and confirmed their theories.

"Yes you guys yes," he wrote.

While the connections between the two films made for an interesting puzzle for fans and serves as an example of Snyder's detail in creating his DCEU world the establishment of the character's ages as well as their personal timelines may have a practical purpose as well. With the upcoming Flashpoint movie set to tear apart the DC Universe according to its star Ezra Miller, having a solid grasp of what the heroes' primary timeline and origin is will provide a jumping off point for the chaos Flashpoint will cause.

For those not familiar with the Flashpoint comic run, Barry Allen (Miller) completely messes up the primary timeline by running into the past to save his mother. This heroic act on his part creates an unintended ripple effect that completely alters the timeline. How completely? In comics Batman is no longer Bruce Wayne but is instead Thomas. In the Flashpoint timeline it's young Bruce who was murdered, not his parents.

But with Flashpoint still a long way from movie screens and Justice League in theaters now, it's nice to hear from Snyder himself exactly how old Batman and Superman are and how the timeline fits together.

Justice League is in theaters now.