Marvel Heroes Omega’s Latest Update Brings Apocalpyse To The Forefront

“All is revealed.” At least, in Marvel Heroes Omega, that is.

Gazillion has provided a new update for its popular multi-hero Marvel game that a devastating new villain into the mix for your team to conquer – the mighty Apocalypse.

But he’s not the only threat you’ll come across in the game. Along with the very large (and powerful) Apocalypse, you’ll also need to contend with four X-Men characters working alongside hima s the Four Horsemen, including Jean Grey (Death), Psylocke (War), Magik (Famine) and Storm (Pestilence). You’ll need to take these guys on in the Egyptian resurrection chamber before challenging Apocalypse himself – and the odds aren’t really in your favor, even if you bring a good battle group with you.

“When Marvel came to us with an opportunity to bring a huge Apocalypse boss fight to consoles, we jumped at the chance,” Gazillion Lead Game Designer Justin Bartlett explained when it came to the new update, while speaking with EGM. “As someone who became a Marvel fan thanks to the classic ‘Age of Apocalypse’ event, it means a lot to me personally. I also loved playing all the great games that had Apocalypse as a boss, and I can’t wait for Marvel Heroes Omega players to experience our unique take. We’re extremely excited to be able to create some brand new takes on Apocalypse’s Horsemen for our game—you can even play as them yourself as alternate costumes for Jean Grey, Storm, Psylocke and Magik.”

In a nutshell, the entire Marvel Universe is against Apocalypse, and even then, you’ve got your work cut out for you, according to Bartlett.

In addition to the special Apocalypse event, players will also have access to a special Apocalypse Loot Box and the Age of Apocalypse Event Omega Pack, which offers up some nifty Horsemen outfits for the enemy characters, including Jean Grey, Storm, Psylocke and Magik. So even after the event comes to a close, you can still dress up like a bad-ass.

The trailer can be seen above, and really sets up the battle that lies ahead.

Marvel Heroes Omega is available now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.