Here's How to Stomp League of Legends' Reworked Evelynn in the Jungle

League of Legends Evelynn2

League of Legends’ Evelynn is back on the Rift in full force after her rework and Wednesday’s patch, and plenty of players are likely already looking for ways to not get blown up in-lane by her stealthy ganks.

If you’re one of those laners who’s not playing as Evelynn but still sees plenty of her, you’re likely looking for ways to avoid her seductive abilities. Fortunately, while most players are just now starting to try out the new Evelynn for the first time, League’s playtesters have imparted some advice on taking care of Evelynn before she can start snowballing in the jungle.

“Champions that can invade her early & heavy CC compositions do well against her,” playtester Riot Novalas wrote on the League boards. “Most people, especially when starting off, will note that she gets a little low while going through her first clear.”

For the CC part, most players who are aware of the dangers of assassins will be sure to bring some degree of stuns or other immobilizers when facing off against an Evelynn. If you’re not in lane and are instead jungling against an Evelynn who won’t seem to stay out of your jungle in attempts to pick up a sneaky kill, Novalas indicates that it might be best to stop that before it begins. Eve’s passive, Demon Shade, will give her some quick health restoration while in the jungle, but the catch is that she has to lose a good chunk of that health first in order to activate the passive. That’s your chance to put Evelynn on the defensive and end her stealthy tirade before it even begins.

When it comes to building against Evelynn, you also don’t have to wonder quite as much what she’ll build and how you’ll react. Pre-rework Evelynn had more than one way to outfit her kit, but the new Evelynn is squarely an assassin, an AP one at that. Because of that, champions that can easily build magic resist, preferably with some CC, will do well into Evelynn. Galio is a notable example who would be perfect against her, a champion that can stop her escapes with a taunt, shrug off damage, and quickly swoop in to prevent Evelynn from assassinating his squishy teammates.

Evelynn’s live now for everyone to play and play against, so the next time you see her slinking through the jungle, make sure that you can react accordingly and shut her down.