Squeeze Every Secret Out of 'Super Mario Odyssey' With This Discounted Guide

Sure, you could scour the Internet to hunt down every single Power Moon, learn how to solve every puzzle, and uncover every secret in Super Mario Odyssey - but this hardcover guide puts everything in one tidy place. Plus it looks great on a shelf. Double plus it’s on sale for a whopping 40-percent off!

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Super Mario Odyssey: Prima Collector's Edition Guide is a strategy guide first and foremost - but it’s also a hardcover collectible art book. Inside you’ll find info that will help you “uncover every secret, solve every puzzle, and defeat every enemy that stands in Mario’s way”. It will also help you discover every single item and unlockable. There’s great imagery throughout, and that includes a bonus double-sided poster. For a limited time, you can order it on Amazon for $24, which is 40-percent off the list price.

One tip that you won’t find in the guide is that wearing the official Super Mario Odyssey Cappy cosplay hat while playing will make you 10x better at the game. We don’t have confirmation on that, but there’s only one way to find out.