Studio MDHR May Be Working On More Cuphead Content


For the past few years, the team at Studio MDHR has been pouring their hearts and souls into the challenging action game Cuphead – a move that seems to have paid off in spades, since the game has already sold a million copies. However, it appears that the studio isn’t done with the property just yet.

During a recent livestream for the just-launched Xbox One X console, the producer behind the game, Maja Moldenhauer, teased some hints in terms of new content that could be coming to the game. That’s not to say we’re getting new bosses or even a new campaign, but it’s the little things that make all the difference in fleshing out some enjoyable new experiences for fans.

First up, he hinted that Mugman may be playable in the single-player campaign in a forthcoming update. While he didn’t note which changes would occur with the character’s addition, there’s a good chance that more challenges may be coming our way. Mugman is already playable in Cuphead, but only as a second player character, as main players take control of Cuphead himself.

In addition, Moldenhauer also noted that the team is hard at work on making Cuphead look even better on Xbox One X hardware. We’ve taken a look and it already looks strikingly good with its 1930’s style animation, but the team apparently noted that it’s looking into improvements visually.

But there’s a challenge to this. With its impressive art style, that would mean that the team would have to start over again from scratch in terms of making everything look better. So it’s still a work in progress, without any confirmation just yet. We’re happy to note that the game looks fine the way it is, so if Studio MDHR wants to work on new Cuphead content instead, we’d be quite pleased with that.

There’s no word on when the single player content update will be coming, but hopefully it’ll be by year’s end, since the game is still building up steam on both the console and PC front. We’ll see what Studio MDHR announces in the weeks ahead.

Cuphead is available now for Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam. Be sure to check out our stellar review!