Cuphead Pours Over Success With Over One Million Copies Sold


For those wondering if Studio MDHR’s Cuphead would be a success in the game industry…you can wonder no more.

Today, the developer of the 1930’s-styled run-and-gun/boss shooter have confirmed that the game has managed to reach a huge sales milestone in the past few days of release. The game has already “gone platinum”, with over one million copies sold in just two weeks, across both Xbox One and PC. That’s pretty impressive for an “indie” title with very little advertising, and strong word of mouth.

The studio noted the success, offering to “thank each and every one of you for your support,” and adding the following on its blog page:

“We have worked tirelessly over the past few years to deliver a game that remained true to our vision and we are both humbled and excited that so many people from around the world are playing Cuphead – it truly makes it all worth it.”

Cuphead has been a long time coming, announced a couple of years ago during Microsoft’s E3 press conference, and based on the unique concept of shooting action built around a 1930’s art style akin to Walt Disney’s early work. But the game has seen a number of development delays following its initial announcement, leaving some fans wondering if it was still coming out.

But then, at this year’s E3 presentation, Microsoft quelled those fears, announcing a release date of September 26th for the game on Xbox One, Windows PC and Steam. And the game came out with no problems since then, with players everywhere talking about everything from the extreme difficulty to the wild gameplay to their favorite boss battles, in which there are many. We enjoyed it as well, giving the game a perfect rating and putting it in the running for the best games of 2017.

If you haven’t experienced Cuphead yet, you still have time to do so. It’s a bit of a challenge, but well worth it for those looking to push their gaming skills to the limit. Oh, and there’s a lot of exquisite art and fun music to enjoy as well.

Cuphead is available now for Windows 10, Steam and Xbox One.