Tons of GameStops are Turning Into Pokemon Go PokeStops and Gyms

GameStop is celebrating the release of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon with a tie-in to a different Pokemon game.

The retail game store has announced that 350 GameStop locations in the United States have turned into Pokemon Go gyms and/or PokeStops. Pokemon Go players can now stop by at these select locations to grab items and battle other players for control of gyms.

In addition, 50 of the GameStop locations will start luring their PokeStops in order to attract even more Pokemon (and trainers) in the "near future." We're guessing that many of these locations will start dropping lures on November 16th, just in time for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon's midnight release party.

This isn't a fullblown sponsorship, as GameStop has over 4,400 locations in the United States alone, many of which are already PokeStops and/or gyms. However, Pokemon has proven to be one of GameStop's more reliable sellers, so it makes sense for the company to get in on the Pokemon Go action. We'll have to see if GameStop gets added to the list of sponsored locations that gets EX Raids, as Mewtwo seems to only be appearing at Pokemon Go's corporate sponsors.

In addition to the Pokemon Go promotion, GameStop is also selling a special Pikachu plush. GameStop is one of a handful of retailers selling special "Ash's Pikachu" plushies wearing a detachable version of Ash's classic hat from the Pokemon anime. GameStop is also giving away several promotional Pokemon trading cards featuring Ash's Pikachu. Players get the promo cards for free whenever they purchase Pokemon cards from GameStop.