Report: Nintendo’s Stock Sees A Drop, Mainly Due To Animal Crossing’s Mobile Performance

Animal Crossing

While Nintendo is flying high off the success of the Nintendo Switch in 2017, that doesn’t mean everything is going well for the publisher. In fact, on the mobile front, things have become a bit of a letdown.

According to this report from Resetera, Nintendo of Japan’s stock has managed to dip a surprising 16.5 percent since the release of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on mobile last month. The game made a pretty good impact upon its debut, but has since run into some fatigue – not unlike what happened to Super Mario Run when it made its debut on the mobile market a year before.

The game “debuted as a major hit in Japan and a moderate hit overseas,” according to the report, “and then fell to being a moderate hit in Japan and a low performer overseas.”

As you can see by the chart below (from Resetera), there was a huge spike with the game’s release, but we’ve seen a dramatic drop-ff since, to about the same point where Nintendo began in the stock period.

Animal Crossing 2
(Photo: Resetera)

Some users have noted the repetitive gameplay loop in Pocket Camp, since players pretty much have to grind in order to earn new components for their camp. It does have a social angle, but some players were hoping for more of a full Animal Crossing experience.

There is the possibility that, between Animal Crossing and Super Mario Run underperforming on mobile, Nintendo may be looking into new mobile partnerships moving forward. That’s not to say it’ll affect its current Animal Crossing, Super Mario and Fire Emblem gaes, but it’ll be interesting to see what move they make next.

Hopefully we'll see Animal Crossing make an impact on another platform -- the Nintendo Switch.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is available now for iOS and Android.