Newegg Offering Various Gaming Deals, Including Xbox One X

Xbox One X

The digital retailer Newegg is pretty dependable when it comes to getting good gaming deals, whether you’re looking for a solid gaming PC or something on the console side. If you prefer the latter, the company is offering up a number of deals this week that you can take advantage of, whether you need a new console or a secondary controller.

First up, its Xbox One X deal is pretty great. They’re selling the system for $499.00 shipped, and you’ll score a $50 Newegg promotional card on top of that, so you can buy a couple of games right away.

If you prefer the Xbox One S (and some people do), there’s another pretty good deal that’s up for grabs over at this link. The package offers up a 500GB Xbox One S white system with matching controller, along with a copy of Forza Horizon 3 and its Hot Wheels spin-off content, along with a $20 promotional gift card for the total price of $239.99. That’s not a bad deal for gamers on a budget.

Newegg also has a few PlayStation VR bundles up for grabs, starting from $329.99 (for the bundle with the headset, camera and Doom VFR) all the way to $389.99 (featuring Skyrim VR, the camera, the headset and two Move controllers). Head over here and take a look at what they have to offer. (The Skyrim or Doom bundles are probably your best bets, especially if you're a fan of Bethesda's games!)

If you’re looking for an Xbox One Patrol Tech controller, you can get one here for $55.95 shipped, and also grab a free copy of Titanfall 2 for your trouble. That’s not a bad bundle deal at all.

Finally, if you’ve been looking for a Pro Controller for your Nintendo Switch – and you should be because it’s an excellent controller option – then you can get it here for just $59.99 shipped. That’s ten bucks off the normal price, and while it isn’t either the Splatoon 2 or Xenoblade Chronicles 2 version, it’s still a tremendous deal.

These deals will be available through next Sunday, but they’re likely to sell out quickly, especially the Nintendo Switch controller. Pick them up when you get a chance!

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