The Division Photo Mode Creator Gets Permanently Banned from the Game

the division screen
(Photo: Matti Hietanen)

Photo modes in games is nothing new, but that doesn't mean that ever title has them. If you're like me, you like to take a quick snapshot of some of those epic moments in a battle heavy game, or those stunning moments found within a beloved RPG. Because of this desire to commemorate those more memorable moments in video games, photo modes have been increasingly popular. If developers don't implement them, modders will find a way to make it so. Unfortunately for one modder, providing an amazing tool for players to use got him banned for life from The Division.

Matti Hietanen is no stranger to making easy to use cinematic tools. He's created programs for players to use in games like Star Wars Battlefront, Battlefield 1, and more - but the tool he created for The Division is what landed him in hot water. Ubisoft officially notified Hietanen that his photo mode tool for the popular shooter was the reason behind their reason to permanently ban him from the game. In their official notice, they had this to say:

In case it's difficult to read, here's what it says:

We have detected recurring actions on your account which are in direct breach of our code of conduct. Please be aware that we have taken the necessary steps to preserve the play experience for others and this has resulted in you receiving a permanent ban. You will therefore be unable to play Tom Clancy's The Division.

Might you need to familiarise yourself with the code of conduct of Tom Clancy's The Division, you will be able to find it on our official forms.

Thank you for understanding,

The Tom Clancy's The Division Team

Though they are definitely in their rights because the tools used to created this feature are directly in conflict with that code of conduct referenced, it is sad to see such a stunning modification that doesn't hinder gameplay performance but only exists to capture the beautiful aspects of the game go to waste.