Splatoon 2 Starter Edition Coming Next Month, Contains Bonus Items for Same Price

This morning Nintendo revealed Splatoon 2 Starter Edition, which it hopes will present an irresistibly fresh value to anyone who doesn't already own (and love) Splatoon 2. For $59.99, you're still getting the same, full version of Splatoon 2, but you'll also score yourself an exclusive strategy guide (with a gorgeous cover illustration), and a few sticker sheets. Don't you dare roll those eyes; I'm a grown adult, and I can't wait to deck out my work laptop with a few of those stickers. How else am I supposed to show my support of Firefin and Krak-On?!

splatoon 2
(Photo: Nintendo)

Splatoon 2 Starter Edition will launch on March 17 in stores everywhere. Almost five million squids and kids have already purchased Splatoon 2, but don't worry, you haven't been left behind. The player-base is incredibly active and incredibly diverse, so you'll have no issues finding opponents who match your skill level, even as a noob. You won't be a noob for long, though: that strategy guide is packed with 100 pages of tips and advice on how to dominate online. If nothing else, the guide also doubles as a gorgeous collector's item.

There are few games that I'll advocate or promote as strongly or passionately as I do Splatoon 2. When anyone needs game suggestions for their Switch, Splatoon is so easy to recommend due to its sheer value. Since launch, Nintendo has tireless updated the game with additional content, adding over 30 weapons, a new multiplayer mode, 11 maps (including the Salmon Run maps), and over 150 pieces of new gear. All of that was free, and now we see this profusely accessorized version of the base game, and we can't help but marvel at the dedication.

In case you missed it, Nintendo also revealed two brand new amiibo based on our beloved new hosts, Pearl and Marina. We don't have an official release date for those amiibo, but we do know that they will come bundled together in a two-pack for $24.99 some time later this year.

We'll keep you guys updated as we learn more.