The Pokemon Anime Just Snuck a Gundam Easter Egg Into Its Latest Episode

Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon hid an old school Gundam reference in its latest episode.

The latest episode of the Pokemon anime episode was basically a filler episode, in which Ash inserts himself into a territorial dispute between two tribes of Passimian. Ash eventually dresses as a Passimian to participate in a game similar to football, which his team wins after learning the values of working together and figuring out their opponent's strategies.

However, one Pokemon fan realized that the climactic battle also featured a reference to an old episode of Mobile Suit Gundam. A sequence in which one of the Passimian uses his opponent as a jumping platform is identical to a battle sequence between Amuro (the protagonist of the original Gundam anime) and a battalion of Doms known as the Black Tri-Stars.

In that episode, the Black Tri-Stars initially fight the Gundam suit to a standstill thanks to their special "Jet Stream Attack" formation, which basically involves the Tri-Stars standing in a line and then firing their guns over each other's shoulders. The Black Tri-Stars actually crack through the Federation's defenses and almost succeed in destroying the White Base, the mobile ship carrier where the Gundam is stationed at.

At the last moment, Amuro figures out the trick to the Black Tri-Star's attack and uses one of their suits as a jumping platform to breach their defenses. While Amuro succeeds in destroying one of the Black Tri-Stars, another suit destroys a Medea carrier piloted by Lt. Matilda, a popular supporting cast member.

The Gundam episode had a lasting impact on Amuro, as he had a crush on Lt. Matilda. Amuro went on to kill the other two Black Tri-Stars in the subsequent battle of Odessa.


Of course, the Pokemon episode didn't end with as much tears and bloodshed. Ash's team eventually wins and he's actually chosen to serve as the new leader of the united tribes. The episode ends with Ash (still disguised as a Passimian) getting carried off by the two tribes of Passimian as Pikachu looks on in shock and amusement.

New episodes of Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon air in Japan on Thursdays. Dubbed episodes air on Disney XD a few months later.