Fired Overwatch League Player Felix 'xQc' Lengyel Responds On Twitter

Felix xQc Overwatch

The Overwatch League was taken for a loop this past weekend when one of its most controversial players, Felix “xQc” Lengyel, was shown the door following a pair of suspensions. They both revolved around certain incidents, including poor language towards a fellow player and the use of a questionable emote in Twitch chat.

Since his release from the Dallas Fuel, Lengyel has responded on a Twitch stream, noting that he didn’t understand the emote he was using. “The fallout of it was preventable, dude,” he said, according to Polygon. “I just simply wish that at some point, someone simply said, ‘Look dude ... I don’t know man, these [Trihard] emotes you always post in chat, it’s gotta stop man.’ Like I wish someone just said something, man. I was fucking born and raised by Twitch chat, dude. I’m literally a walking Twitch chat — and it’s fixable.” (You can see the embedded video below.)

It doesn’t appear that there was any attempt at an apology, or even any mention of his team, just the misunderstanding of the emote in question.

Felix continued to talk on Twitter today, but, again, didn’t issue an apology. Instead, he simply noted that he’s only human. “Also, people keep saying i'm a douchebag or a bad person. You guys need to chill. I physically run away irl when I fail at interacting, I see the sunlight once every 5 days and have no idea how to translate feelings to others. I don't know any better.”

Reps from the Overwatch League haven’t said anything regarding “xQc”’s comments, and it’s unknown if he will be re-signed by another team. But it sounds like he’s simply making excuses, rather than owning up to his mistakes. Members of his community may say otherwise, but his comments are fairly easy to read.

Overwatch is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. You can catch Overwatch League competitions Wednesday through Saturday on Twitch.


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