Rumor: Rare Could Be Hinting At Perfect Dark Revival

Perfect Dark

A lot of Xbox One owners are frustrated at the moment because Microsoft doesn’t appear to be taking advantage of a number of its franchises, such as Fable. However, that could change in a few months, as the company reportedly has a number of projects in the works, which could be revealed during its E3 showcase.

Among those hinted projects is Perfect Dark, which originally got its start on the Nintendo 64 before moving over to the Xbox 360 with Perfect Dark Zero and Perfect Dark HD. While rumors are swirling that The Coalition, the developers behind Gears of War 4, are hard at work on a new game, Rare has apparently added some fuel to the fire -- speculating that the next adventure of Joanna Dark is well on the way.

A fan by the name of Slashersteve recently took to Twitter to showcase some cool Perfect Dark goodies he found, noting, “@RareLtd just been up into the loft to look for a few bits n stumble upon these.” It’s hard to make out exactly what the item is, but they’re definitely Perfect Dark related, as the game logo is clear to see.

But what’s interesting here is Rare’s response. “Right on time, it’ll be summer shortly.” You can see the tweet for yourself below.

Rare hasn’t officially announced any sort of Perfect Dark follow-up, so this could very well be a hint of what’s to come at E3 -- which, by the way, takes place over the beginning of summer. (Well, not officially, but close enough.)

The company wouldn’t say anything else, so we’re merely speculating at this point. However, a new Perfect Dark game -- done either by Rare or The Coalition or as a collaboration between the two -- would certainly hit the spot.


And before you ask, “Well, can’t they just remake Perfect Dark?”, keep in mind that they already did. Go look on the Xbox Live Marketplace and you can download Perfect Dark HD now. So it has to be something new.

We’ll keep you informed once the new Perfect Dark project has been officially revealed. But yes, we’re waiting on Joanna’s return just as much as you are. It needs to happen, Rare...