Fortnite: Hilarious Fan Documentary Takes Backseat Gaming to an All New Level

We've all been there at least once during a match online. You squad up with your buds, and one of them dies early. Not only are you down one of your teammembers, but now they can spectate. Spectate and judge. That's exactly what happened with this Fortnite player and instead of getting frustrated, he used the new Replay feature to turn it into a hilarious fan-made documentary.

Ah, John Wick - nature's scariest predator ...

Check it out:

My friend died early and started commentating my gameplay, so I made a documentary using the replay system. Here's an excerpt from r/FortNiteBR

The music for this was absolutely perfect, it definitely felt like a journey going in but what really sells it is the hilariously dramatic narration that is pretty spot on for some of the sillier nature documentaries out there.

Not only is the video in itself a creative use of that replay tool recently provided at the end of Season 3, but it also really does show the importance of multitasking the building mechanic as well a accurate aim. Weapons are all well and good but the slight delay required to bust through a recently erected wall can mean a make or break moment for that Victory Royale.

Definitely have to give credit to Redditor 'FeanutPucker,' well done without relying on super flash. You can also check out his YouTube channel right here for the full documentary experience. Just good old fashioned fun, and a new way to experience Fortnite now that the game is in its exciting new fourth season.

Interested in making your own videos like this? Here's what you need to know about the replay feature:

Replay System Features:

Camera Modes

  • Third Person
    • Follows and orbits around the selected player.
    • 3 different follow modes: Off, Auto, Lazy.
  • Drone Follow
    • Drone style camera that always keeps the selected player in frame.
  • Drone Attach
    • Drone style camera that is loosely attached to the selected player.
  • Drone Free
    • Drone style camera that is free to fly around the island.
  • Gameplay
    • This camera shows what the selected player saw during gameplay.

Cinematic Settings

  • Auto Exposure
    • Exposure
  • Aperture
  • Focal Length
  • Auto Focus
    • Focus Distance


  • Name Plates
  • Player Outlines
  • Replay Region
  • Damage Effects

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