Dragon Ball FighterZ Gets Limited-Time FighterZ Cup Event

Dragon Ball FighterZ

A limited-time Dragon Ball FighterZ event has been announced that’s live now and will be available for just one week.

In a tweet through the official Bandai Namco account, the publisher shared news of the new event that’s just started as of today. The FighterZ Cup event builds off of the feature of the same name that was added earlier in the month as part of a huge balance patch. During that update, the FighterZ Cupt was described as “a monthly competition where players can fight and collect points for their respective Z-Union.” More information was said to be revealed on the feature at a later date, and it appears that we now have those details thanks to Bandai Namco’s latest video.

Bandai Namco game producer Tomoko Hiroki explained in the video how this first limited-time FighterZ Cup event will work.

“In the FighterZ Cup, Z Unions will battle against each other,” Hiroki said. “The FighterZ Cup event will be held for one week. During the first six days, all Unions will fight in league matches ranked Z1, Z2, and Z3. Unions will be able to obtain League Points depending on how well they do during this event.”


Though this point system, players will be able to earn more points for their Z Unions and put the groups in higher positions within the rankings. After the six days of competition where Z Unions face off against one another, a winner will finally be chosen on the seventh day. Rewards will be distributed to both the individual players and the Unions depending on how you did, and Hiroki adds that “there are a ton of rewards.”

The start date for the even was also revealed towards the end of the video, and that start time is now. Bandai Namco’s tweet added that the event is now live, so players can go ahead and start fighting for whatever Z Union they join. Since this is the first FighterZ Cup event, Unions will have to do a series of placement matches before entering into the league ranks. Hiroki referred to this first even as a “test run,” but we can expect that there will be more events such as this one in the future after the week’s first FighterZ Cup event comes to a close.