Free Dragon Ball FighterZ Update Adds New Modes, Affects Nearly Every Fighter

Dragon Ball FighterZ

A free Dragon Ball FighterZ update is releasing on May 9 that includes new features and changes for almost the entire roster of fighters.

The update announcement comes not long after it was teased during a livestream with several fighters such as Beerus, Kid Buu, Android 16, and more showed on-screen. The image included 14 different characters as those who would be receiving changes at the time, but a disclaimer said that he list wasn’t finalized and more might be added. Now that the full list is here, that number has been expanded to 23 different affected fighters.

Outside of the sweeping balance changes, there are also more new features being released with the update as well as some fixed issues for some of the existing modes. You can read up on those features below, but the list of balance changes for each fighter is quite extensive and is better read through the official patch notes.


  • More information will be revealed soon for the events linked to these new features
    • FIGHTERZ CUP: a monthly competition where players can fight and collect points for their respective Z-Union
    • PARTY BATTLE: Co-op fights where 3 players can join forces to defeat fearsome bosses


  • REPLAY CHANNEL: To enable implementation of the below gameplay adjustments (see “GAMEPLAY” section), recorded data from Replay Channel will be erased
  • COMBO CHALLENGE: Fixed an issue where there was a gap between when the timer starts counting and the game starts allowing some inputs when performing position reset in a combo challenge


  • Fixed an issue where the training dummy doesn't guard/unguard properly with Enemy Settings set to Guard First Only
  • Fixed an issue where the training dummy doesn't properly playback movements that are recorded in advance when using Ginyu's Body Change after performing Dragon Rush (Forced Switch) and not resetting the positions in-between these two actions.
  • Fixed an issue where the combo damage is not displayed when an attack is counteracted by an armor move. An adjustment has also been made to prevent immediate health recovery when an attack is counteracted by an armor move.
  • Fixed an issue where “OK!” is displayed on the Assist character icons even when they are crossed out with Assist Cooldown Setting set to Quick Recovery
  • Fixed an issue where the training dummy fails to recover its health with some specific unconnected strings of moves
  • Fixed an issue where the training dummy fails to guard in some cases even when the Guard Follow-ups option is selected
  • Self-damaging moves will no longer affect the Combo Damage displayed
  • Fixed an issue where the training dummy fails to guard attacks with some specific strings when the Guard Settings is set to Guard Follow-ups


  • Fixed an issue where the defense-up skills are taking effects only the half of what they are supposed to