Pokemon Quest Has Been Downloaded Over 1 Million Times Already


The new free-to-play Switch game Pokemon Quest has surpassed one million downloads after being out for only four days.

Nintendo released Pokemon Quest Tuesday evening shortly after a surprise press conference in which they announced a series of Pokemon games coming out over the next two years. And while it's not the full Pokemon game most players are dying to play, it seems to have sated an inch in fans, as the game has been downloaded over a million times in just two days.

Pokemon Quest is free-to-play and features players using Pokemon to explore Tumblecube Island. Players form teams of three Pokemon and unleash them on small stages, battling wild Pokemon. The Pokemon move automatically, although players can still control what moves they use. Pokemon gain experience and level up, and players can give their Pokemon power boosts by equipping them with special Power Stones.

Interestingly, Pokemon Quest's aesthetics are wildly different than any other Pokemon game. The Pokemon were redesigned in a Minecraft-esque blocky format. The Pokemon Company has plans to release a merchandise line based on the Pokemon Quest designs in Japan later this week.

As of right now, players can only befriend and battle against the original 150 Pokemon, although future Pokemon could easily be added via updates or DLC.

Like most free-to-play games, Pokemon Quest is a bit of a grinding experience. Players need to go on frequent expeditions to attract more Pokemon to join them, and leveling up is the only way to unlock additional slots with which to make your Pokemon even stronger. However, Pokemon Quest works as a fun casual gaming experience, a game for players looking to kill a little bit of time.


Nintendo also has plans to release Pokemon Quest for mobile devices later this summer. You can expect Pokemon Quest's download figures to soar even higher once hits Apple and Google Play app stores.

(h/t Nintendo Soup)