Watch Nintendo's E3 2018 Direct Live

Nintendo's E3 2018 Direct is mere moments away, and we're expecting big stuff from the big N this year! You guys won't want to miss a single moment of Nintendo's presentation, so tune in above to watch it all live!

No doubt the big focus for Nintendo this year is going to be Super Smash Bros. The game is playable for the first time on the show floor, so in addition to the trailer and gameplay footage shown today during the presentation, you guys can expect a torrent of gameplay footage coming from the show floor and tournament as well. Will they finally show off the full roster and give us a release date? If it's going to happen, it will happen today!

Of course, rumors abound of more Nintendo Switch reveals. Perhaps the other megaton announcement is Fortnite, which is all but confirmed for Nintendo's hybrid console. We've seen the name pop up in eShop server updates, so we assume that the reveal is imminent. Could this be the big "and it's available right now" moment?! If this happens, we're fully prepared for an eShop meltdown.

Don't forget that we still have much to learn about Yoshi's new game which, at the moment, is just called Yoshi. We've seen a few adorable gameplay clips, but since Kirby: Star Allies is launched and out of the way, we expect Nintendo to push Yoshi's new outing in a big way.

We've also heard that Overcooked 2 will be announced for the Switch. Given the success of the first Overcooked, which enjoyed a lengthy stay at the top of the eShop's best sellers list, this wouldn't surprise us one bit. The Overcooked 2 and Fortnite Switch listings also appeared alongside a listing for Paladins in a leaked document, and now Paladins is available for the Switch. This has added some exciting credibility to the leak, and we're hoping that all of it comes to fruition.


We also heard that a Star Fox racing game is on the way, if you can believe it. We're most excited about this one since it's the most outlandish.

Personally, I'm still holding out for a few Wii U ports that we've yet to see. Tokyo Mirage Sessions and Paper Mario: Color Splash still deserve larger audiences, and we hope they make their way to the Switch.