Mega Man: Fully Charged Episode #1 Trailer Released

Following yesterday's release of the first ever trailer of Mega Man: Fully Charged, Dentsu Entertainment has followed up with another new trailer, this time to preview the series' debut episode “Throwing Shade Pt. 1.”

Coming in at two minutes and 43 seconds, said trailer is more like an extended preview than your classic trailer, offering up a sizeable look at the episode, and not only what to expect from it, but from the series in general.

In “Throwing Shade Pt. 1 ,” Mega Man takes on Fire Man, who is irate about how robots are treated. More specifically, Fire Man is mad that the HR department of his former employer suggested he become a fry cook after messing up on his construction job.

And that narrative snippet is indicative of the rest of the trailer, which is packed full of witty, light-hearted jokes. Like, a lot of jokes.

In addition to Fire Man, the trailer also introduces a ton of other friends (and even a few foes) of Mega Man, including Mega Mini, the tiny robot who lives inside Aki's head, and who is one sassy little guy.

Reception to the trailer seems to be substantially more positive than yesterday's trailer, though it still seems somewhat divisive among the Mega Man fan community.

Anyway, if you're interested, you can read a story synopsis for the series below:


“Aki Light is a regular, upbeat, robot schoolboy. He lives in the futuristic world of Silicon City, co-inhabited by robots and humans. But this robot boy has a secret... Deep within his programming lie protocols that can transform him into the powerful hero, Mega Man! When the villainous Sgt. Night and his evil team of Robot Masters emerge with ill-intentions, Mega Man dedicates himself to protecting the citizens of Silicon City. Equipped with his Mega Buster arm cannon and the ability to absorb the powers of his opponents, he bravely battles the wickedest of villains. In this brand new series inspired by the iconic Mega Man video game, comical, action-packed adventures abound as we follow the journey of Aki Light and his alter-ego, Mega Man, as he strives to balance life as an ordinary robot boy AND an amazing superhero.”

Mega Man: Fully Charged is poised to first release on the official Cartoon Network app (as well as other VOD and streaming platforms) on August 3rd. At this time, all of the first season's 10 episodes will be released together. Then on August 5th, said season will begin rolling out on a weekly basis every Sunday.