This 'The Witcher' Geralt Fan Art Is Giving Us Major Clone Wars Vibes

Fan art is nothing new, but it never seems to stop being so damn impressive! With CD Projekt RED's wildly popular franchise The Witcher continuing to be the talk of the gaming community, and with a new TV series in the works, it's no surprise that Geralt of Rivia continues to shine in the spotlight.

One artist stylized the infamous protagonist in a new series of fan art for the game franchise, and though he mentiones that it was meant to be fashioned after How to Train Your Dragon - I can't stop thinking of Star Wars: Clone Wars. See for yourself:

(Photo: Art Station)

According to the artist himself, "This in particular is my take on Witcher III's Geralt, but instead of making him wear the official armor I thought fans would prefer to see some other armor from the game. I also asked a friend of mine to choose the swords, hopefully some of you will recognise them."

He added, "I was trying to have Brave and How to Train Your Dragon as inspirations for texture quality and realism, but also design him as a sharp character that could fit in a darker animation movie without loosing appeal. Also, first time with long hair, quite nightmarish to be honest, but I'll end up learning better ways I'm sure."


He also mentioned that this project has been months in the making, citing that performance issues and just getting the character just right took a little more time than expected.

It certainly looks like the effort was well worth it because honestly? This fan art is amazing! It still looks like the character in stunning detail, but with a creative twist! It was so impressive that CD Projekt RED themselves have shared this very art on all of their social media channels!


Want to see more? You can check out Julen Urrutia's full portfolio, plus more Geralt images, right here!

What do you think about Urratia's vision? Do you see the How to Train Your Dragon resemblance, or are you stuck on Clone Wars like I am? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below!