Funimation Teases Broly for 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate'

The team at Funimation have made it clear that they think some form of Dragon Ball Z character should be in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. And why not? Bandai Namco is helping out with development on the game, and that publisher currently holds the rights to DBZ games, including Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Welp, the team is at it again, this time suggesting another fan favorite join the party. In a new tweet that went up today, Funimation shared what appears to be an image of Broly suggested for Ultimate, along with the tagline, “Ultimate? Try legendary. #NintendoDirect.” You can see the image for yourself below.

Of course, it used the opportunity to hype up Dragon Ball Super with a Broly mention, as well.

Obviously, this isn’t official. Funimation is merely having fun with whatever tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct special will hold. In the past, though, it’s suggested throwing characters into the Smash fold, including Goku. But, sadly, it’s not happening, as his voice actor has confirmed that he hasn’t even spoken with Nintendo.

All the same, the fans are having fun with the suggestion, as you can see from some of the responses below.

But it's Bandai Namco's response that's probably the most golden...

At the very least, fans can get some fighting action on with Broly in Dragon Ball FighterZ, as he’s available as a downloadable character.


As for whether we’ll ever see a DBZ face in Smash, well, that’s up to Sakurai and company. But it’d be fun to see how someone like Broly does against, say, Bayonetta and the Belmonts from Castlevania.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate releases on Dec. 7 for Nintendo Switch. If it's FighterZ action you want, it's also coming to the Switch on Sept. 28. Because Broly!