'Fortnite': Here's Every Season 6 Leaked Banner

fortnite llama blue

The leakiest llama of all-time, Fortnite, is back with yet another leak, this time of every Season 6 banner.

The leak comes way of Reddit -- courtesy of the game's files -- and reveals each and every single secret banner for this season.

(Photo: Reddit)

For those that don't know: Epic Games introduced Secret Banners in Season 5 -- also known as, last season -- as yet another piece of content for players to participate over the course of a season. Once found, you can equip the banners like any other banner and change their color to whatever you want, but you have to find them in-game first.

Epic Games didn't announce whether or not this new gameplay addition would carry over into Season 6, but this leak all but confirms it will. And like last time, the banners will be -- mostly -- a reference to the ongoing season.

Unfortunately, the leak doesn't divulge when exactly each banner will be made findable, nor does it reveal where they will be located. However, there's normally a million and one guides for the latter, so that shouldn't be an issue.

Interestingly, the bottom right banner looks a bit like fire, which perhaps collaborates another recent leak that suggest volcanic pits are soon coming to the game.

The reception to the leaked banners so far has been largely lukewarm. There seems to be considerable interest in the DJ Llama banner by fans -- naturally -- but not much else.

Despite Epic Games' attempts to get people to care more about banners, there seems to be very little interest in them and the egg hunt-style quests to find each of the secret ones. In fact, people seem to care much more about loading screens, so perhaps it would be better for Epic Games to do the same thing, but with different and new loading screens.

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In case you missed it, late last night SNL and Adam Driver performed a skit all about Fortnite. It's pretty hilarious, and well worth a watch if you're a fan of the game.

In less official news, the mysterious cube appears to be going nowhere, in fact, it's only getting larger. Meanwhile, Loot Lake's floating island began to move yesterday, and leakers are convinced they have figured out where it's going and what it's doing.