'Call of Duty: Black Ops 4' Season Pass Price Revealed

Activision’s latest Call of Duty game, Black Ops 4, drops next week, jam packed with multiplayer content, including new and classic maps, Zombies campaigns and the new Battle Royale themed Blackout mode. There’s also more content coming via DLC, and now we know just what you’ll need to pay in order to get it.

A new listing on the GAME UK product page indicates that the pass, being called the Black Ops Pass, will go for £39.99, which is the equivalent of $49.99 here in United States dollars. That’s about the same price that previous Call of Duty Season Passes have gone for, even if the content is set to be paced out more frequently this time around.

The pass is set to include the following content in its package:

  • “Classified” Zombies Map at Launch
  • 12 MP maps
  • 4 Additional Zombies Experiences
  • 4 Exclusive Blackout Characters

While these weren’t detailed, they could be of value to Call of Duty fans. The new Zombies Experiences look to be full-on campaigns, similar to the three that will be available when the game launches next week. That means they could have additional stories to provide, and could possibly bring back characters we’ve seen in previous Treyarch-produced games.

The maps haven’t been detailed yet either, but they’ll likely be a mix of old and new, just like the ones that we’ll be getting in the default game. More than likely, Treyarch will break down details of what to expect from these new maps once the game launches, so players have a good idea of what they can look forward to. (Side note: the PS4 version of Black Ops 4 will be getting the maps first as part of a small exclusivity window. So if you’re an avid fan, that may be the version to go after.)

As for the Blackout characters, they’re likely to be favorites from the series’ past, maybe even Alex Mason from previous Black Ops games, amongst other favorites. We’ll let you know once they’re confirmed.


For those of you who think a $50 Season Pass is a bit steep in price, there is a package that lets you get it for a pretty good value. The Digital Deluxe Edition of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 includes both the main game and the Season Pass for $99.99. That’s still expensive, but at the very least, you save ten dollars by purchasing them as a combo.

We’ll let you know what contents become available as part of the Season Pass as soon as Treyarch lets them out of the bag.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 releases on October 12 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.