Netflix 'The Witcher' Audition Leak Sets Up Possible Villain

Though we are still waiting on official casting news regarding Netflix's upcoming The Witcher adaptation, a recent casting script leak did show us that we might be getting Viktor, or even Vilgefortz, casting news soon!

In the scene that leaked, we see 'Viktor' talking to an unnamed person, though the dialogue is much more in tuned with the power-hungry mage Vilgefortz. Keep in mind, these scripts are not indicative of the show itself - they are simply used for audition purposes. That much was cleared up when an earlier Yennefer script leaked that had everybody up in arms over its glib nature.

Below is a small part of the full script leak, which can be seen here:

Person: I thought I was bedding a mage.

Viktor: Indeed, you did. And I must add that your carnal capacities are extraordinary. You can be proud. But you must know that I am a mage because, well, it suits me to be so right now. The truth is I despised the magic. It was like this gnawing itch that just kept interrupting me at the most inopportune of times. See, and I had a plan, and this plan was working out nicely, progressing so well. I had progressed from young run-around brigand who was stealing for his master to cut-throat killing said master taking his sword and assuming his identity. From then on, it was a hop, skip, and a stab before I became a sellsword – someone who kills for coin. But then magic… That magic, it just it wouldn’t stop. It was roaring inside of me, just rising up, gnawing at the back of my throat like acid, until one day… One day, I found that my fate caught up with me and I found my handsome head on an executioner’s block. And then, it happened.

Person: What happened?

Viktor: Well, the magic, of course. The magic won of course. I saw a beam of light just before that axe fell. My bonds burnt up in flames and fell to the floor, and as I stood up, I just saw mountains of people around me [their eyes seared from their sockets]. The executioner, gone. Aldermen, dead. Crowds just… mutilated. And that’s when I knew I, I needed to give into this power, this beautiful energy flowing through my veins. I let it think for me, I let it speak for me, until I had worlds bowing at my feet. It was simply joyous. Oh, don’t worry. It won’t take that long. Oh, you want your assassin friends to help you out? I’m sorry, I’m afraid not. You see, while you and I were going at it, I maybe might have melted their eyes in the back of their skulls. Perhaps you didn’t hear them falling in the hallway when you were – ah, yes – having your throes of ecstasy. Very understandable. You were right. Very, very right. Wine is certainly far tastier in the north. Far sweeter, too, with added basilisk spleen, I must add. Do cheer up. We all know that no one leaves this world alive.

The Reddit forum where this leak was shared had fans excited with many agreeing that if it is Vilgefortz, that he will have incredible potential as the series' big bad. The "young" mage raised by Druids was incredibly talented in the series. His secret allegiance with Emhyr var Emreis, the Emperor of Nilfgaard only furthered his power-hungry ambitions.


With Ciri also having been confirmed for the upcoming series, his role as the big bad would also make sense given that he was convinced he needed her blood because of her relation to Lara Dorren, an Elven sorceress.

So far we only have Man of Steel's Henry Cavill as the confirmed protagonist, but the showrunner did recently reveal "big news" was coming, so stay tuned!