'Mass Effect' Studio Asks "What N7 Means To You" In Touching New Video

N7 day is a day once a year that Mass Effect fans, both of Andromeda and the original trilogy, come together and celebrate the iconic Action-RPG franchise from BioWare. Though we don't have any new game announcements at this time, the studio did want to reflect on "what N7 means to you" as a gaming community.

As we reflect back on a narrative that changed many lives, it's easy to see how Mass Effect is more than "just a game." It's hope, it's a story about never giving up - no matter the odds. It's learning about your crew and caring about them more than just a simple NPC. It was about the relationships formed during the fight for the galaxy, both romantic and otherwise. It's about learning your limits, what you're willing to do - to not do - in order to get the job done. It's about not losing yourself, but becoming yourself, and about the help along the way.

Mass Effect is more than just a game, it's that feeling of coming home and this video shows that. With team leaders from the franchise reflecting back on those moments that gutted us the most - looking at you, Mordin - and a brief glimpse at the future, it's no wonder that the community continues to be strong in its love of a franchise that offered something unique to each player.

BioWare also revealed in the video that the latest in the franchise, Mass Effect Andromeda, is now Xbox One X enhanced for those that are looking to take to an all new galaxy on "the most powerful console on the market."


So ... what does N7 Day mean to you? Whether you found yourself in Commander Shepard, or harnessed your inner Pathfinder Ryder, share your most beloved memories of the franchise in the comment section below and tell us what you cherish the most from the world given to us by the team at BioWare.

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