Retro Shooter 'Dusk' Coming To Consoles This Year, Along With Bacon Soap

Back in October of last year, we talked about Dusk, a wicked first-person shooter from the folks at New Blood Interactive that captures the essence of old-school favorites like Doom and Hexen, but with some bloody new twists. It’s done quite well on the PC front; but soon, console owners will get a chance to partake in the action. And they can smell like bacon to boot!


In a new post over on the game’s official Steam community page, New Blood’s Dave Oshry discussed the success of Dusk, as well as what fans can expect from the game this year. These include console ports (including the previously confirmed version for Nintendo Switch), along with additional content for the main game and...bacon soap. Yep, we’re getting official Dusk soap that smells like bacon. And not turkey bacon, either.

Oshry explained in his post how Dusk became “ a certified hit” since its full release last month, “beloved by both critics and players alike.” He also confirmed that the game “will live on far beyond 2019” with updates that are inbound.

He noted that Dusk will soon have co-op, so you can hunt enemies alongside a friend and see who’s better at laying waste. There will also be a New Game + mode added, for those that prefer a challenge; as well as a Big Box Physical Collector’s Edition, if you like to show off your Dusk love in your own special way. No word yet on what’s inside, but we assume more bacon goodness.

Oshry then briefly touched upon console ports, and although specific systems weren’t mentioned, we assume this means Xbox One and PlayStation 4 along with the Switch version. No word yet if they’ll have all the features that the PC version is getting, but that’s likely the case.

There will be Dusk physical goodies as well. Oshry confirmed that vinyl and CD soundtracks are on the way (featuring the work of composer and rock god Andrew Hulshult), and, yes, that wonderful, wonderful bacon soap, which you can see below.

Dusk 2

To conclude, Oshry noted that Dusk will continue to live on with the support of its community; and between the PC improvements and the console versions, it should help the company immensely. “Spread the good word of New Blood, acolytes!” he said. “Because we love you and we hate money.” But they do like bacon soap, so they have taste, y’know.


Dusk is available now for PC, and you can totally buy it on Steam here. We’ll let you know as soon as New Blood confirms those awesome console ports.

Want to talk about Dusk or the sweetness of smelling like bacon? Talk to me over at @TheDCD on Twitter! Bonus if you have actual bacon.