'Fortnite' Player Recreates a Classic 'Call of Duty' Map

A Fortnite player and content creator has brought one of the Call of Duty franchise’s most recognizable maps into the game as a fully playable map.

The Fortnite player by the name of jespergran shared the video below that serves as a trailer for the Shipment map created in Fortnite’s Creative Mode along with a code that other players can use to experience it themselves. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare players will recognize the map instantly as the Russian shipyard where close-quarters combat ruled with there being only limited areas to hide in. Cars, barrels, and huge shipment containers made the map what it was in the Call of Duty game, and they’ve done the same in Fortnite thanks to jespergran.

With the map now finished, it’s fully playable in Fortnite so long as players enter the code 3333-1449-1856 to access it. The trailer above shows some actual gameplay taking place on the map as players battle while also giving an above-the-map tour of Shipment to show how everything is laid out. Fortnite players might also recognize some of the creator’s other Creative Mode builds which were featured in the trailer.

Before the map’s release, the creator teased it on Twitter and Reddit where they previewed the map and gave an idea of the work that went into it.


“Expect a shipment remake trailer tomorrow, I’ve recreated the entire map, even the outside and every asset on the map is on the exact same location (bought MWR on PC to spectate while building) even the assets on the outside is 100% the same!” the creator said on Reddit along with a side-by-side image of the real map and the Fortnite version.

The Fortnite version of Shipment is now available to play in the game’s Creative Mode by entering the code listed previously.