'Overwatch' Reveals Reinhardt's Lunar New Year Skin

Overwatch’s latest Lunar New Year skin is a perfect cosmetic for Reinhardt with the tanky hero getting a Guan Yu Reinhardt skin for the seasonal event.

Blizzard unveiled it’s new look for the hammer-swinging hero on Twitter with a video that showed what the skin looked like from different angles as well as an action shot with him smashing into a battle. The skin trades out his normal set of armor for a no-helmet appearance with a long black beard flowing underneath.

The tweet also referenced the Capture the Flag game mode in Overwatch that was originally introduced around the time the Lunar New Year events would take place, so people who approved of the skin ran with that while applauding the cosmetic. They also focused on Reinhardt’s beard which, judging from the reactions, people seem to like better than Hanzo’s.

Blizzard’s reveal of Hanzo’s skin came on Saturday when the sniper hero’s Huang Zhong Hanzo cosmetic was unveiled, but his beard didn’t get nearly as much love as Reinhardt’s. People pointed out that the beard looked stale and too sculpted, but Reinhardt doesn’t appear to look anything like that.


Reaper could’ve also gotten a good or bad beard with his skin, but we’ll never know seeing how it’s covered up by his helmet. The dual-wielding hero kept the same color scheme with a red and black outfit perfect for the Lunar New Year event, but he wore a helmet that obscured his face. That skin was the first of Blizzard’s reveals for the Overwatch event, but it won’t be the last with more cosmetics expected to be revealed before it begins.

That start date is coming soon as well with January 24th marking the first day of the Lunar New Year event. It’s then that the new cosmetics will go on sale with older cosmetics presumably being sold again, this time at a discount, but that remains to be seen until Blizzard unveils its full plans. The event will end on February 18th though, so players have plenty of time to shop through the new skins and other items.