Deadmau5 Held Nothing Back In His Response to Twitch Following Homophobic PUBG Slur

Following a recent ban on Twitch after Deadmau5 was reprimanded following a homophobic slur aimed at a "stream sniper" during a PUBG match, the DJ-turned-Streamer has issued a response following his removal from the streaming platform.

It looks like the comment has since been deleted, whether by Reddit or Deadmau5 himself is unclear, but industry professional Rod Breslau caught a screenshot of his original message:

Warning for adult language above for our younger readers, but the gist is that he has announced that he's done with Twitch for their "double standard when it comes to censoring and suspending" him for what he actions he calls "harmless."

He added, "While we've had some fun [with] partnerships here and there, and they were a great company to work with ... I'm 'gunna' have to cut this one short. I don't have the capacity to deal with that kind of shit."

He also mentioned that his use of the slur wasn't directed at the LGQTB community, but solely at the person that he accused of "stream sniping" him during the online match. Though there are plenty of other insults that are available to use in the heat of the moment, Deadmau5 settled on the one. He went on to mention that he's not going to "sit here and cry and defend" himself and said that if he's "sorry for anything," it's Twitch's response and not his own actions.

The topic of community standards is a hot one, and one that comes up quite a bit. The gaming online community is known for almost having its own set of ethics but when people start streaming on a professional level or to such a wide audience such is the case here, the topic of a more moderate professional lens does come up.


Not to mention there are thousands of insults out there ... former Marine myself, I could give you 100 colorful ones right now, but the ire of the streamers seeing these kinds of repercussions continues to rise as the streaming community itself remains divided.

What do you think, do you think he's overreacting or that Twitch needs to revamp their ban policy? Sound off in the comments below.