Celebrate Valentine's Day 'Mass Effect' Style, "We'll Bang, OK?"

Hi, my name is Liana – and I have a severe Mass Effect addiction. The first step is admitting you have a problem. The second step is electing to ignore said problem and keep overly obsessing about the amazing universe BioWare has created. That’s how that goes, right? Today is Valentine’s Day and is a perfect excuse to share Mass Effect themed V-cards found all over the web. Here’s a few that I thought were absolutely perfect for the Spectre in your life. Spectre status recognized?


The Valentine’s Day cards below were created by DeviantArt user Eflect and had me giggling in my full fandom glory. ‘Ah yes, “Valentine’s Day” – We have dismissed that holiday’ is my personal favourite. And no Mass Effect post would be complete without some Garrus lovin’! Check out the gallery below:

two (1)

Nothing gets those romantic vibes flowing quite like emergency induction ports and Krogans. There are tons of Valentine’s Day cards created for fandoms all over the gaming world – share some of your favourites with us in the comment section below – show some love! You can also also hit me up over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy - just be warned, I am stupidly obsessed with all things BioWare and I make no effort to hide that fact.


Happy Valentine’s Day, Earth Clan!

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