Former Bungie Developer Makes Joke 'Destiny' Fighting Game

Developers just want to have fun, and that's exactly what they did at this year's Bungie Carnival event, an annual celebration that brings the development team together and let's them air out their silliest ideas and get those creative juices flowing. In this case, the "joke game" was a fighting spinoff of Destiny, though now that we see it... we kind of want it.

Destiny of Fighters: Super Turbo was technically made last year by a group of Bungie developers, and now former team member David Candland is sharing the fruits of that labor. He also mentioned that he only had a few days to work on the "game" and its UI, which kind of makes it even more impressive.


"Once a year, Bungie has a tradition called Carnival, where all employees stop their scheduled work for one week and organically form teams with people across the studio to create something that interests them," Candland revealed in a new blog post. "In January 2018 I teamed up with a group of 8 talented people that wanted to see if we could build a functional but cheesey, over-the-top, retro style fighting game in the Destiny engine. It had a lot of rough edges, but considering we built something like this in 4 days, and showed it off on the 5th is remarkable. It was also a blast. I designed, illustrated, built and animated all the UI and HUD elements you see here."

The video that accompanied the reveal isn't embeddable, but you can watch it in action right here.

fight 2

As seen in the stills above, the main showcase was between Ikora Rey and Lord Shaxx with a downgraded graphics style -- remember, only four days -- and basic move sets. The two characters also look different from their main-game counterparts, again due to the time constraints and this not actually being a game available for release.


What do you think about Destiny of Fighters: Super Turbo? Nifty idea that you'd like to see more of? Maybe as a small Easter egg minigame? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below, or hit me up over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy!

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