New Fortnite Weapon Leaked

(Photo: FNMasterCom)

Yesterday, Epic Games kicked off Fortnite Season 9 with a lot of changes and some new features. One of the big changes came in the form of the subtraction of nine different weapons and items from the game, which was made especially drastic by only one addition. That said, it looks like Epic Games is already getting ready to start to make up this difference with another new weapon. More specifically, in the game's files is mention of a new Tactical Assault Rifle, which is presumably being added to the game in the near-future.

Since Season 9 went live, dataminers have been diving into the game's files frequently to see what secrets and interesting tidbits can be unearthed. And other than mention of a limited-time John Wick mode -- the greatest discovery has been this new weapon.

Unfortunately, no stats for the weapon have been discovered. However, looking at its design, it looks like it may be a bit more faster, but less powerful than the AR. It's also possible it will be the baby of the Thermal AR and Suppressed AR, both which were removed on Thursday.

That all said, at this point, all we can do is speculate about the gun's properties. Further, there's always the small chance it will never make it into the game. However, Fortnite file leaks have been extremely reliable in the past, and, as you will know, the game is constantly adding new weapons.

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