Fortnite Season 9 John Wick Crossover Event Leaked

fortnite wick
(Photo: Epic Games)

A John Wick skin has been in Fortnite for awhile, but, as you will know, you can never have too much John Wick. And thankfully, Epic Games understands this, and that's why it apparently has more John Wick content prepared for the battle royale game. According to a few leakers, there's some John Wick-specific challenges listed in the games files, which point to a limited-time mode coming to the game soon. And when you consider that the new John Wick movie is poised to release next week, this is perhaps not very surprising.

Beyond game files mentioning "Wicks Bounty" and the challenges associated with said limited-time mode, there's no further evidence of any additional John Wick content. But, if there wasn't a new crossover with John Wick on the way, why would this be in the game's files? In other words, take this with a tiny grain of salt, but it seems pretty definitive.

Interestingly, with the introduction of Season 9 yesterday, Epic Games added John Wick's house to the map, which further seems to point at a crossover. It also added a Stranger Things location to the map, perhaps also pointing at a crossover with the netflix IP come Season 3's release in June.

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