Dead by Daylight Players Will See Freddy's Rework Soon

Behaviour Interactive is reworking Freddy, one of Dead by Daylight’s many nightmarish Killers. That fact isn’t anything new to players who’ve been keeping up with the developer’s updates, but what this new version of Freddy will do has been a mystery since the rework was announced. That’ll change in the next few weeks though as Behaviour says it’s preparing to share information on the Killer and his gameplay within the next two weeks.

Freddy, like other Killers who come from previously established licenses, isn’t called by that name in the game. He’s instead called “The Nightmare,” but he’s still got the powers you’d expect from the dream invader. Those powers haven’t translated as well in Dead by Daylight’s setup though and limit Freddy’s abilities to pursue Survivors. Freddy mains may assert that he’s in an alright spot, but much of the community and Behaviour’s team feel the rework is warranted.

Behaviour announced previously that it intended to show off Freddy’s rework at some point this month. We’re now just over halfway through May, and Behaviour said its plans to reveal Freddy’s new gameplay to the public are still on track with the reveal scheduled to take place within the next two weeks.


“In the last update, we promised that information would be released next month about The Nightmare rework,” Behaviour said. “We are still on track for releasing this information in the next 2 weeks. We have been very busy finalizing the Freddy gameplay reveal and we can't wait for the Community to have a look at the changes!”

Freddy’s current gameplay revolves around isolating Survivors and putting them in a dream-like state where he can then attack them. Whether he’ll be able to do this still when he’s reworked remains to be seen, but you can bet Behaviour will keep core parts of the character intact.