Overwatch Anniversary Skin Turns Winston Into a Gargoyle

Another one of Overwatch’s new anniversary skins has been revealed, and this one is for Winston. It’s a Gargoyle Winston skin that replaces the hero’s normal look with a stony exterior outfitted with wings and fiery red accents. It’s one of several skins that’ll be released for the first time during the event among others from past celebrations that’ll make their returns soon. The event is scheduled to start on May 21st, so you can expect to see this skin and others there when the event begins.

The Gargoyle Winston skin was revealed by the Overwatch Twitter account just a day before the big event kicks off. Gone is Winston’s signature white armor, replaced by an off-white set of protective gear, his stony skin, and wings that look just like those of a gargoyle. Details on the skin’s price and what rarity it’s classified as haven’t been revealed yet, but judging from its appearance, Gargoyle Winston is going to be a pricey one.

This Winston skin is the second cosmetic to be revealed so far. Blizzard kicked off the Overwatch reveals by starting with a D.Va skin first when it showed off the hero’s Academy D.Va variant. Blizzard said before that the skin was expected to “break the Internet,” and you can see it here for yourself to determined if that’s the case or not.


There other skins releasing during the event, Blizzard said, though we haven’t seen all of those yet. Even though the Overwatch Anniversary event is scheduled to start on Tuesday, Blizzard usually has plenty of teasers before its celebrations, so we can expect more of these skins to be revealed prior to the event’s start. If not, we’ll just see them all soon anyway.

Blizzard’s Overwatch Anniversary event is scheduled to start on May 21st and will be live until June 10th. If you don’t have Overwatch anymore or just want to try it on a different platform, you can take part in a free trial period for the first week of the event.


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